My experience of being in a coma

I was in a coma for 3 months.

Before my motorcycle accident, I often wondered what it feels like to wake up from a coma, when time has seemingly flown by in a single blink.

Whether my coma was medically induced or natural, I was unconscious for 3 MONTHS, laying in a vegetative state.

I honestly just do NOT remember a single thing from laying in a hospital bed with machinery feeding me and helping me breathe.

Doctors told my family that my future will either be laying under a tombstone or life in vegetative state, a coma, being fed through a tube in my stomach.

To my families joyful surprise, I eventually showed the tip of my tongue to my older brother. He spent HOURS upon HOURS sitting by my hospital bed, asking me to show my tongue or wriggle a cheek or just show ANY kind of sign that I understand and comprehend what he was saying. He did this in the hopes and faith that I’d eventually respond.

Then, some TWO MONTHS later, on one marvellous day, I finally DID stick the tip of my tongue and responded to my families prayers.

When I eventually regained consciousness, it was just CHAOS