My first post – The Journey to Recovery

Good day, good morning and good evening my readers and followers!

My name is Dimitri Ostapenko, I am 25 years old and for the last 6 years my family and I have been on a journey of recovering from devastating motorcycle accident. Whether I like it or not, this event has divided my life into before and after.

Prior to this accident, I was a happy go lucky Biomedical Science student at the University of Adelaide, drinking beer on the University lawns and working as a supermarket console operator.  I had plans to transfer into medicine and I believe I was actually on the way to another university to enquire about their course when disaster struck.

I cannot remember my accident and in fact I suffered and continue to suffer short term memory loss after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Luckily for me, the accident occurred minutes from a major hospital. I was placed into an induced coma and my family was told to prepare for the worst. But I survived the multiple “fatal” brain and lung injuries much to the surprise of the doctors who treated me. The two years of my life post the accident were a blur of pain, surgery, amnesia for me and heartache for my family. After spending over 6 month in a rehabilitation facility, my family decided that it would be best to continue my rehab at home.

You could say that my mothers house has been turned into a full-time rehabilitation facility and her life into that of a doctor/physiotherapist/speech pathologist/carer.

The purpose of my blog is to share my experience as a young man in full-time rehabilitation, give inspiration and hope to families and individuals going through similar experiences and connect to other people in similar situations.

Why the name – no I did not wake up from a coma in Hollywood fashion, unplug the monitors and head for the exit in my hospital robe with my backside hanging out. Recovery often takes significantly longer than the hollywood script allows for. In my case it has been 6 years and I am still going!

Feel free to contact me for a chat, Skype call, Hangout or a visit if you are ever in Adelaide, South Australia!