About Me

redlineMy name is Dimitri and I am living with a traumatic brain injury sustained in a motorcycle accident in late 2011.

As much as I can, I would like to help other people who are going through similar experiences by sharing my journey.

On the 14th September 2011, my life changed dramatically.

At around 4PM, I was on my motorbike, a Suzuki GS500, going home from the city, from the campus of my University. I should’ve driven straight to my family home in the southern suburbs, but for some unknown reason, I turned onto Flinders Drive, where disaster struck.

At a T intersection, a car didn’t give way to me off of the leg of the T and I had a head on collision with the bonnet of this car. I flew over the bonnet. My bike exploded. I was lucky in the sense that this happened next to Flinders Medical Centre, where I had several life-saving surgeries within the first few hours of my trauma.

Because I was eventually transferred from ICU to a ward, it was clear that I was in my own coma, and not a medically induced one.

i spent close to 3 MONTHS in a comatose state, initially unresponsive, To the surprise and joy of my family, I eventually began communicating by showing my tongue to answer yes or no questions.

When  I eventually awoke and regained consciousness, it was apparent that I wasn’t in much of a physical status to just go back home.

I was transferred to Hampstead Rehabilitation centre, where I spent half of a YEAR surviving and just HOPING for progress and improvements.

I couldn’t walk because of SEVERE spasticity and cramping in my left limbs.

I had EXCRUCIATING neuropathic ” BURNING ” pain in my right arm, neck, shoulder blade and chest down.

My memory was OFF, meaning I didn’t even remember what happened an hour ago.

After spending approximately 6 MONTHS in Hampstead, I had eventually progressed to a physical state where my dearest mother eventually took me home.

This is when my rehab actually STARTED, when I finally started progressing, improving and recovering.

Since that day back in early August of 2012, I’ve come quite a long way!!!!!

I’ve also flown to Melbourne for a unique lung surgery back in December of 2012.

My therapies involve physiotherapy and acupuncture at Back in Motion in Prospect, a home visiting Occupational Therapist and a Speech therapist.

After spending just under 2 years of practicing my walking with a special “Gutter Frame”, I eventually felt confident and mainly capable enough to ditch the frame and walk around the house with just a waist belt for support and insurance.