My out of body experience (continued)

When I was in a coma, I was fed through a nasal gastric tube. Doctors informed my mother that they will keep it for 6 weeks. Once these 6 weeks had expired, they suggested inserting a peg into my stomach, to feed me through it.

This is a very invasive, risky, harmful and flat out dangerous procedure, because the risks of complications and infection far outweigh the benefits.

My mother is a scientist, she is a PhD in molecular biology. She is a very intelligent and educated person who spent years in research studying various micro organisms and their genetic systems. She was not convinced that such an invasive procedure is better for me than a non invasive nasal gastric tube. I guess she was devastated looking at my badly injured body covered with tubes all over and didn’t want to inflict more wounds on me.

Doctors in Flinders Medical Centre put the pressure on my mother to give her consent to allow them to install a peg into my stomach and feed me this way. She did not give her permission. She argued that once I wake up it will be much easier just to get the nasal gastric tube out and start eating normally. Some doctors laughed at this notion. They said I would never be able to eat and swallow normally. When mum asked how I managed to swallow my own saliva while in a coma, they had no explanation. Yet kept insisting on a stomach peg.

When the first 6 weeks were close to an end a little “accident ” happened. One evening when my mum had left hospital, nurses were turning me to massage my back and accidentally pulled the tube out. As it was late in the evening they had no choice but to insert a new tube into my other nostril. Hence starting the next 6 week cycle.

When the second cycle was close to an end I suddenly had a rather violent sneeze. The tube came out again. Once again this happened in the evening when my mother was not present. So no one could possibly blame her for manipulating with my tube.

They had to replace the tube and start another 6 week cycle. The doctors who were insistent on the peg feeding method were furious! They were bemused that these “accidents” had happened on a regular basis, seemingly “by design”.

Close to the end of the third 6 week cycle I finally regained consciousness and started eating normally (just like my mum said). Mum knows best! šŸ™‚

Nickita later told me that he was responsible and somewhat “guilty” for these occurrences.

He is a joker! He did a lot of funny things with me.

To be continued…

Author: theunspontaneousrecovery

I am a motorcycle accident survivor in active rehabilitation and on my way to greater things!

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