My living nightmare

When I finally awoke from my coma, I was AWFULLY confused.

Because of my diffused brain injury, I initially had a 5 second memory span.

A couple chaotic MONTHS passed and I eventually remembered that I was in Hampstead rehab centre, although each and every single day felt like a bloody nightmare to me.

My accident happened on the 14th September 2011, some 3 months before my 19th birthday.

For the 6 months I spent in that God-Forsaken centre, I thought that I was still in year 12 of high school and that I was STILL 17 years old!!!!!

EVERY SINGLE day felt like a nightmare to me, like some sort of chaotic bad dream.

I COULD NOT wait to get to sleep every evening, because I assumed I’d wake up at home the next morning and go to school.

When I was still in Flinders Medical Centre, after I awoke from my coma, my dearest mother thought up and started repeating this mantra;

Motorcycle Accident Hospital Trauma Not your fault

She repeated these words several. HUNDRED. MILLION. times a day for the better part of 3 MONTHS.

Author: theunspontaneousrecovery

I am a motorcycle accident survivor in active rehabilitation and on my way to greater things!

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